This book is for anyone who doesn’t have it all figured out. Cooking is trial and error just like this stage in life for me. I am clear on my passions, but unsure of how they will call me to weld them. If you’re still deciding on your dreams or even waiting for them to fall into place, you’re exactly where you need to be. It is never a mistake to invest in what calls your heart. Comparison is the thief of joy. I hope to inspire and empower whoever is reading this to dabble in the kitchen, not shame for not knowing how to cook or not being an entrepreneur during a pandemic. Let’s get into it, 80% of the ideas were inspired from being in bed. There were many days that were hard to get it out of it for me. When I finally did, I discovered a talent for bringing myself and the people close to me joy. We all have that talent within in, it just takes not being afraid to get pasta flour everywhere. I invite you into my world to host with me. I have the entire weekend planned.
With Love, Dancey